Our Second Year:

Now in our second year, we are bringing the festival to New York City! After a successful first festival, we have decided to expand and reach out to students across the country, holding the fest in one of the biggest film hubs of America. In our first year, we sold over 400 tickets, raised over $20,000, received over 160 submissions, and inspired hundreds of students along the coast of California. We are hoping to provide an even larger platform to young artists and young filmmakers around the entire country.

Our Mission:

The 25 Under Film 25 Fest serves to create a larger platform for up-and-coming filmmakers by highlighting films by these young people that will be making up the film industry for decades to come. We aim to produce an environment that encourages youth art, innovative ideas, and lasting connections between young filmmakers. We are a new type of film festival.

Our Values:

  • To create a larger platform for young filmmakers to show their works to the surrounding New York City communities.
  • To encourage youth film and youth arts by highlighting the accomplishments of young people.
  • To form a community of filmmakers that can share stories and ideas while making long-term connections.
  • To enhance the arts scene in New York by including college-aged students and focusing on the youth within the community.

Our Founder:

In May 2017, I was sitting in an independent movie theater watching short films made by my fellow students in the Cal Poly Media Arts minor at a small California university. I saw how happy my friends were to see their films on the big screen. I realized that young people need and deserve a platform to show their films to the communities around them. Film has been a passion of mine since I was a kid. I’ve always loved that film can make people laugh, cry, and experience every human emotion in only a little over an hour. It is incredible what young people can create and I want to highlight what we can do. We are forming a community of young filmmakers that can share ideas and create connections that can change our lives. It’s an opportunity unlike any other.

                                                                                                                            – Michael Frank