Festival Schedule

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2018 Schedule

Session 1: Saturday 10 AM — 1 PM

The Bread Winner, Culdesac, Iconoclast, Starlight, The Tipping Point, Lost in Aroncore

Session 2: Saturday 2 PM — 5 PM (Most kid-friendly)

Joseon’s Bride, Sound of Love, My Life with Proteus, Couch, Spark, Middleweight, Mi Pais, Tu Pais

Session 3: Sunday 10 AM — 1 PM

Vessel, Rivers of Recovery, Cogito, #ttyl, Life in Color, Stove Day, All the Kids, They Dance

Session 4: Sunday 2 PM — 5 PM

Marie, Systematic, Chainsaw Charlie, Nail Polish, 100% Cotton, Missing Connections, Pinky Toe